The fee for BOTH sessions, UNTIL JUNE 15, 2023 , IS REDUCED FROM  $350  TO $315

Because I have a personal stake in helping as many people to quit smoking as I possibly can.

Because I hate the tobacco companies and I think it’s despicable that they continue to rob you of your money while they poison you.

Because you know you’re ready to do this.


You can be a NON SMOKER without drugs, and without weight gain.

Save money. Smell fresh. BREATHE! Start exercising again. Get control of your life. Feel great about yourself!


I used to smoke, too. It’s been 20+ years since I’ve had (or wanted to have) a cigarette. I had quit before, and gone back, and quit again. But that last time there was something that snapped in my subconscious and I was JUST FINISHED. It was my own personal reason – the thing that finally was MY reason to stop smoking forever.

During YOUR session, you and I will talk, and explore, and figure it out, and come up with your personal reason to quit – the reason that your subconscious will understand and accept – and then we’ll make that work for you to help you QUIT SMOKING.

Don’t put it off!

During your first session we’ll have an extensive, in-depth conversation about why you smoke – Why you started, what you think you get from it, how it makes you feel and everything else associated with your thoughts and feelings about smoking. We’ll get to the root of your smoking addiction. Then I’ll get you accustomed to hypnosis-  what it feels like to be in a relaxed, hypnotic state. You’ll go home with a CD or MP3 to listen to that will reinforce the work you’ve done.

Then at your second session – we do the work to make you a non-smoker! Based on the information you gave me during your intake, I’ll give you powerful suggestions and coping skills to become a non-smoker for life, without adverse effects.

The fee for BOTH sessions UNTIL JUNE 1, 2022 IS REDUCED FROM  $350  TO $315.     ONLY for fully vaccinated and boosted clients. I am not accepting non-vaccinated and non-boosted clients at this time. Please be prepared to provide proof of vaccination.

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